Integrative design of all-aluminium whole lamp to solve the problem of heat dissipation of LED efficiently

The heat dissipation capacity of materials manufactured by forging process is 2.5 times that of die casting process

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● Industrial plastic frame + high conductivity aluminium heat dissipation design, compact structure

● 100 W and above power pad-separated lighting, uniform light effect without glare

● Isolation design of power supply for 100W and above light source, decentralization of heat source and enhancement of product life

● Professional industrial appearance design, tailor-made for the project

● IP65 waterproof structure


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● Light Sensor Control

● 0-10V tunable light

● time control

● Lightning Protection > 20KV

● Single lamp control


● Uniform and soft luminescence, high brightness and good color rendering

● Quick start, no flicker, no noise

● High efficiency constant current driver, wide voltage input, can work in places with unstable voltage.

● Lightning Protection, Aluminum Alloy Material Manufacturing,     High Strength, Corrosion and Weather Resistance, Strong Heat     Dissipation

● Green environmental protection, lead-free and mercury-free

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● It can be used as street lamp, tunnel lamp and projector lamp.

● Integrative design of all-aluminium whole lamp to solve the         problem of heat dissipation of LED efficiently

● Modular design, easy maintenance

● The design of multi-mesh holes on the side bottom greatly enhances the convective heat dissipation ability

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King Star is an integrated application solutions provider which focus on the applied technology research and development, production and sales of LED indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, rail lighting and other products.
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As the company scale expanding gradually,considering the strategic and long-term development,we established an independent industrial park in Zhong Kai Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (called as "Zhong Kai Hi-tech Zone") of Huizhou city.The industrial park covers an area of over 50 acres, equipped with the modern professional dust-free production workshop of more than 30,000 square meters, and put into operation in 2015.
Our efforts are not limited to the above, in response to the increasingly severe climate change, we will continue our efforts, with the leading green solutions, to help customers reduce energy consumption, and carbon dioxide emissions, and create the best social, economic and environmental benefits
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